February 2012 one of the largest tunnel boring machines manufacturers «The Robbins Company» (USA) has included «smazka.ru» LLC company products info approval list.

Robbins company has confirmed quality of “smazka.ru” EP2 greases: MC 1500, MC 1520 RUBIN and also tail sealant for EPBH MC 1310 and main bearing sealant MC 1330. Robbins has started in 1952. Since that time Robbins has built over 3500 km of tunnel (more than 700 projects). Below are mentioned some of the most scaled projects: In 1978-1998 Robbins tunnel boring machines (20 pcs) have completely renewed Chicago Tunnel and Reservoir Plan; In 1987 – 1991 Robbins tunnel boring machines (6 pcs) have built Eurotunnel under the English Channel between England and France; In 2006 – Robbins company has built biggest in the world 14,5 m diameter tunnel for Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station.